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Financial Advisory

Supporting organisations with bespoke financial services.


We offer solutions in financial advisory, restructuring, and project financing needs. With a team of seasoned professionals, our Financial Advisory services provide rigorous project valuations and offer financial and strategic advice on markets, customers, and brand assets. Because we are at the forefront of cutting edge research, our corporate finance services offer business intelligence insights to lead you through mergers, acquisitions, and private public partnerships.


We provide business valuations to support your corporate investment decisions. Our business valuations services will help high net worth individuals, corporate boards, trustees, and entrepreneurs make sound corporate finance decisions.


With our experience working with some of the biggest players in both public and private corporations, our Advisory team is primed to offer your business the best strategy in finance. We help you analyse the financial position of your business, match your business performance to the right financial tools, and offer advice on areas of improvement. By supporting you to build the right operating model, your finance department will function optimally toward a well-articulated finance vision.


Our analysts possess deep insights on finance outsourcing decisions, organisation design, benchmarking, business partnering, and provide the technological and informational requirements to implement your strategy.


Our advisors are able to find the right financing instruments that do not dilute shareholder value. By leveraging on our industry credibility, our clients are able to negotiate equity and debt financing terms that satisfy their business goals.


For new businesses and experienced enterprises, our business strategy services are designed to help you secure a competitive position in your market. Our corporate financial advisors will help you finance business projects, market research, corporate restructuring, and financial analysis planning.


Frontline Capital Advisors has broad experience in the execution of corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Our team of financial analysts and investment managers have prior work experience with some of the largest investment banks in the world. With our extensive strategic partnerships and cutting edge insights into different industries, our mergers and acquisitions team is ready to help organisations in divestiture or any form of corporate restructuring.


We co-operate with buyers, equity investors, and all relevant stakeholders during the entire cycle of the merger and acquisition deals. We help with strategy development and offer advice on selecting the right partner in your industry.


Our M&A team follows due diligence to provide tailor-made sales/purchase agreements and offer guidelines in corporate governance after the merger and acquisition.


We help corporate investors understand the opportunities and existing market conditions in different industries in Africa. Our financial advisors provide market research, business intelligence reports, and feasibility studies to identify key market segments that will give value to your business.