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Asset Management

Our asset management services allow both institutional investors and individuals to optimise wealth by minimizing risks and increasing returns.


Our team of experienced investment advisors are on hand to create customized investment solutions to match all your investment requirements at any time. We maximize your wealth by investing in and balancing high-yield and low-risk products over the life cycle of your investment. There are no hidden charges in our offers. We apply industry regulations and abide by strict ethical standards so that you can enjoy a transparent and honest approach to asset management.

Multiple Investment Options


Why should you invest in Africa?

With strong equity returns and potentially excellent macro position, African countries offer some of the highest returns on investments across the emerging markets. An undercapitlaised equity market relative to GDP also presents bullish prospects for both short and long-term investors.

Frontline Capital Advisors puts your investments in the most promising equity and bond markets across the continent. Between Ghana, Mauritius, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and Morocco, our Frontier Investment offers a balanced portfolio of attractive returns and low-risk financial instruments. Our research analysts are at the frontline of cutting edge information, giving our clients the benefit of real-time insights into Africa’s financial and capital markets. Employing the latest information technology to monitor and track your investment, your capital will be maximized to secure your future.


Our portfolio managers select the most attractive yielding bonds and the best performing stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange. With the right combination of assets from different industries across the country, Frontline Capital Advisors ensures you have excellent returns at the lowest risk. Our financial advisors manage the risk in your investment portfolio by actively replacing low-performing assets with high performers.


With or without a retirement plan, working years will end. There is no wishing it away. At Frontline Capital Advisors, we put you on the right pension track to help you maximize your wealth from your career. Our pension schemes are structured to maximize returns and minimize risks to our clients. We invest in a diversified portfolio of assets with a high risk-adjusted return. We offer regular market updates so you know how much value you are getting from your pension investments.


Our pension management service puts our clients in contact with Frontline Capital Advisors's top investment and financial advisors with extensive industry experience. Frontline Capital Advisor's pension products are regulated and approved by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA). Your investments are safe with us, as we adhere to strict compliance guideline laid down NPRA and the dictates of the prudent man rule.

Subscribing to our pension management service puts our clients in contact with top investment and financial advisors with extensive industry experience. At the best consultancy rates in the industry, your financial investments enjoy accelerated growth that matches your career path year-on-year. Because our pension products are regulated and approved by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority, your investment is safe with us.

You need to retire with us

Employees understand the need to plan their retirement. By over relying on government’s pension plans, however, you are limiting your ability to maintain a dignified life after work. At Frontline Capital Advisors, our investment advisors will usher you into a gradual and flexible retirement plan. Our portfolio managers invest in a combination of asset classes including bonds, shares, and alternative investments in Ghana and in Africa to ensure you receive excellent returns on your pension investment for a dignified retirement after your years of hardwork.