Get to know us

Frontline Capital Advisors Ltd (“FCA”) is an investment advisory and consulting firm licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and authorised by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority in Ghana. Frontline provides investment banking, private and institutional asset management, financial and retirement planning and private equity services. We believe that the Financial Services sector holds the key to Africa’s future economic development.

The firm’s mission is to serve as a conduit for investors to gain access to the unparalleled long-term investment opportunities on the African continent. To the average investor, Africa is simply Africa – not Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Kenya and more than 50 other independent countries characterized by radically diverse political, social and economic realities. Yet to a growing number of global investors, Africa represents a classic emerging market opportunity: unknown, embryonic and filled with unrealized potential. The company has served as an advisor to government on several occasions and has been engaged in a number of projects designed to broaden the financial services sector in Ghana. Projects completed have included recommendations to broaden the Bond Market in Ghana; developing and implementing innovative financial securities; pension reform recommendations and the Ghana Infrastructure Fund.

Capability Statement