Portfolio Services

Asset Management

The Asset Management division of Frontline Capital Advisors Ltd. provides investment management and advisory services to individual, corporate and institutional investors with special focus on six countries namely Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya and Mauritius. Our strategy spans across their different asset classes and industries. We focus our solutions on money markets, fixed income, real estate, public equities and private equity to deliver superior, risk-adjusted investment performance to our clients. We offer a broad product offering and distribution in selected areas in order to drive improved business results.


Private Equity

FCA’s private equity team pursues a proactive investment approach, primarily by acquiring substantial equity positions in companies, backed by strong board representation and shareholder agreements. We are not passive portfolio investors. We believe that a partnership approach to investment is the key to value enhancement for all stakeholders. As investors, we provide funding to businesses mainly in the form of equity or equity-related instruments. We help businesses achieve superior returns for their stakeholders, through close co-operation with management. In this regard we see our role as strategic in nature, rather than operational. We are not sector specific and we will take positions in all attractive sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, consumer, goods and finance.


Corporate Finance

FCA’s Corporate Finance team focuses on solving our clients’ most complex problems, providing advice to senior management, boards of directors, and business owners of companies and institutions in transactions that typically are of significant strategic and financial importance to them. In addition to providing capital to companies and access to its considerable network, FCA can typically offer support to companies in the following areas:

Some of our esteemed clients include Social Security and National Insurance Trust, Mariott Hotel Ghana, Skybridge Residential Limited.