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"Retirement will come whether you plan for it or not!"

In Ghana and other places in Africa, Pensions reform has been on-going to catch up with the rest of the world.

With the enactment of the 2008 New Pensions Act in Ghana, financial and retirement planning now features prominently in human resource management. The New Act requires employers to set up a mandatory fully funded privately managed second-tier occupational scheme. The law also provides for the setting up of a voluntary Third-Tier Provident Fund scheme which would also be privately managed.

Frontline Capital has been the pioneer in strengthening the pensions market for both the formal and informal sectors. We believe that employees' over-reliance on the government and their employers retirement benefits needs to stop. Ultimately employees should recognize that they are directly responsible for their savings and retirement future.

Gradual and flexible retirement will be essential to improve living standards during retirement. We are open to discussion with pension corporate trustees, churches, clubs, associations on the best way to achieve your retirement goals.

In the pensions business, Fund Managers and Fund Trustees/Administrators work hand in hand.  That is why we are pleased to work with all trustees and will be pleased to work with others:

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